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Do I have to identify myself?
Local authorities of Amsterdam and the surrounding area may require your ID during the Damtours beer bike ride. Due to the age (18+) who publicly consume alcohol-related drinks, you must always identify yourself by law, including during the activities you do with us.

Please bring your ID with you to the event. We are not responsible for a possible fine and misconduct.

One of our group is intolerant to beer, can we bring our own drinks? title goes here
Of course, no problem if you bring your own booze.
Can we bring other drinks?
You can bring your own drinks if you want!
Are the drinks cold?
We serve drinks cold with an average temperature of 4 degrees.
Do you accept strong alcohol such as Jenever (30% alcohol)?
Local authorities don't accept that, neither do we. Please drink responsibly, even on the beer bike!
Where do we cycle in Amsterdam?
Our starting location is at Rhoneweg 1 Amsterdam. This place has enough space to park our bikes in front of the starting location. However, this location is not our office!
Can I store my luggage?
We don't have enough space on our bikes to store your luggage. We recommend that you first bring your belongings to your overnight address.
Can I take photos during the tour?
Certainly! We are also happy to take pictures of you. If you want to stop and take lots of pictures it is possible.
What is the maximum size of the groups for a beer bike or sightseeing bike?
For the Damtours group of beer bikes, we take a maximum of 17 people and the driver with us. But Damtours also has a sightseeing bike with 15 seats and powerful motors ready for use! Damtours has one of the best fleets of all group bike companies in Amsterdam. With 10 years of experience in this industry, we understand very well. We have more beer bikes, so larger groups are no problem at all. Our own driver guarantees that everyone has a safe journey on our bicycle. The driver will make sure you see the best places of Amsterdam and let you enjoy your company. The beer bike is perfect for family fun, a trip with colleagues, bachelor parties or just a good laugh with your friends. A beer bike ride takes 75 minutes and includes 20 liters of beer. You must book in advance.
Can we get a VIP tour or a more personalized tour experience?
If you think you want a truly personal experience, then you should try a private sheet pile. For our private tours, we can tailor a tour together with you. Let us know by email.
What should we wear?
If you are not used to cold or wind, it is best to bring gloves, a scarf and a hat. Better to have more than less! The weather here can also change instantly. It is quite unpredictable so it is a good idea to check the weather forecast on the day of your tour. Cycling clothes are not necessary, but we do recommend wearing flat shoes and comfortable clothing, so please do not bring any expensive items (Hermès wallets, suede jackets, etc.) on our beer bike / Sightseeing tour. Keep your belongings in a safe place or leave them at your overnight address, such as a bed and breakfast, hostel or hotel!
Do we need to bring anything on the tour?
We have a net under the bar to store some stuff. The bags aren't big enough for full-sized backpacks, but they're big enough for things like gloves, scarves, hats, or an extra coat. We recommend that you bring snacks or lunch along the way if you prefer.
Do you have helmets?
Adults usually don't wear helmets in Amsterdam, so it's not necessary on the beer bike / Sightseeing bike.
What if it rains in Amsterdam?
We have a large removable roof system (Cabrio style). When the weather forecast is sunny or dry, we don't need to use it. The roof is specially designed so that you are completely covered.
Why did you design it that way?
It is because on a clear and sunny day you can see more on a sightseeing tour in Amsterdam. It can rain up to 200 days a year in Amsterdam. The locals ride in the rain, and so do we! The roof is designed to ensure your comfort, so we do not offer refunds for rain.
Are you a green company?
We are a 100% green company that uses … foot power. We follow bike paths to get where we want to go! We drive on the asphalt road.
Do you offer hotel pickups?
As a 100% green company this unfortunately means we do not have a car for hotel pick ups. We kindly request our guests to meet us at our meeting point.
I am short. Do you have a bike for me?
You can adjust your saddle to your size, otherwise we have a bench for you.
Where is your meeting point and how do I get there?
Boats: Herengracht 130, Amsterdam (Google maps)

Beerbikes and bicycles: Rhoneweg 1, Amsterdam (Google maps)

We need more space on the bike, because someone is disabled. Is that possible?
Contact us to find the best solution.
Can we bring our own drink?
We suggest we provide the drinks for you as much as possible.
Can we do other activities while cycling?
Yes, you can try the Pub Quiz route or you can ask the team a question before they can proceed.
Can we put our company logo or advertising on the bike?
If you book the bike for a tour, there is a space at the back of the bike for a banner to promote your event. The space is 0,75 m wide and 50 cm high. If you would like that, don't forget duct tape 🙂
Can we tailor our route?
We have a start and an end point and in between we'll find a good route for you, with stops to celebrate the day and tailor it where we can.
To ask? Call or e-mail us: sales@partyfiets.nl
Do you start with a beer bike / Sightseeing bike in every weather type?
Yes, thanks to our custom-made roof, you and your friends stay protected against all weather conditions, such as sun, rain and snow.
We have a convertible style roof system.
The removable roof is only used in unfavorable weather. The roof is a special design in three parts that are wider than the bike itself, so you're always under the roof and won't get wet. But without the roof there is more to see and explore, without obstructing your view.
What are the dimensions of the bicycle?
The length of the bicycle is 5,50 meters and the width is 1,50 meters. The height is 1,75 meters without the roof. The bicycle does not hinder the flow of other road users on the public road.


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